Zinnia Flowers Bulk Bucket


Fresh Cut Flowers Zinnia Mixed Colours (seconds)

Price $27 per bucket including GST and with a free bucket.

Only available in Bucket lots,  8 bunches of 12 stems.

Available most days February through to early May, however, availability depends on the weather.

Quantities available updated daily, if they are gone there will not be new supplies until the next day.

See below for full description.

Free delivery Merbein and Mildura, Tuesdays and Fridays or pickup by arrangement.


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Zinnia flowers are a very popular flower in the USA being used in many ways including wedding bouquets. They are often listed in the top ten cut flower varieties in the US.

Keeping qualities, fresh-cut Zinnia will keep in a vase for approximately 5-7 days but if you change the water regularly and add flower food expect that to extend considerably. As with all cut flowers, the vase life will be dependent on the environmental conditions in the room.

Please note that Zinnia flowers NEED to be cut fully ripe. That is the flowers must be picked fully open. If picked in bud form they will not keep. So if you are used to buying cut flowers in bud form to obtain longer-life, as most shoppers are here in Australia, be aware not all flowers can be cut as buds.


We cut Zinnia flowers fresh daily, the flowers on offer are seconds, they are good flowers but will have some imperfections, a petal out of position, or a stem not perfectly straight, some will have colour variations and many are single form flowers, not double form flowers often preferred by the market. Stem length is usually around the 40cm mark, some varietities are a little longer.


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