Seduction a stunning addition to your garden.

A favourite among gardeners, Seduction is a mainly white rose delicate pink edges which blend gradually to the white. Seduction is floribunda which grows to about 1 x 1 metres with multiple flowers per stem — flowers throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Best as a garden rose but also works as a cut flower. Handles our hot Summers with ease providing it gets sufficient moisture.

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Seduction rose, released by Meilland International in 1988

If you collect roses, this is one for you. A very popular floribunda bush rose which flowers over a long season in strong flushes. Seduction is a rose to have in your garden. And, although it isn’t a great cutting rose, it does hold well when cut.

In our climate in North West Victoria, handles heat well and is mostly disease resistant. The only tip to growing this rose, as with most roses, keep the soil moist, give it a feed each month with a good quality fertiliser and trim off spent flowers. All done, now sit back and watch your friends being envious of your gardening skills.


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