Eucalyptus gilllii (Curly Mallee)


Eucalyptus gillii.  Curly Mallee, Arkaroola Mallee and Siver Mallee being some of the common names.

This is truly a hardy drought-tolerant native tree. If you grow with abundant water its habit is fairly traditionally a mallee but in harsh conditions, with slower growth, the limbs are often bent and twisted hence the common name Curly Mallee. Flowering in Spring and early Summer the flowers are a pale yellow in colour and can be so abundant as to weight the limbs down, sometimes to breaking point.

Generally, this is a small tree much higher than a couple of metres. The leaves are sometimes used in floral arrangements, while the tree will stand occasional cutting back if it gets too large for the chosen location.

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Highly recommended for gardens or locations where additional watering is difficult. Please note you will need to water occasionally when young and establishing its root system.


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