Corymbia ficifolia (Red Flowering Gum)


Corymbia ficifolia. Red flowering gum, but here is the thing, it is not always red and it isn’t a true gum tree, instead, it is a bloodwood.

The only way you can have any chance of guaranteeing the colour of this species is to buy a grafted specimen. These seem to vary in price from $25 through to around $46 for a plant in a 150mm pot. I’m told even this isn’t a 100% guarantee.

Our trees were grown from seeds supplied as Corymbia ficifolia, however, there is no way of being certain of the flower colour until they flower. The good news is that regardless of the flowers ranging from nearly white through multiple shades of pink right through to a deep crimson red they have one thing in common. They are spectacular.

Corymbia ficifolia is a moderately quick growing tree but doesn’t grow to a large size. The plant is at home in a wide variety of soil types and requires only a moderate amount of water to become a magnificent addition to any yard with some room.

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