Aeonium arboretum


Aeonium arboretum 100mm pot

Pot up to a larger sized pot and use as a feature plant around your home. Or plant in the garden for a beautifully structural plant growing to about 1×1 metre. Needs a tiny little bit of a drink occasionally. Add some weed suppressing cardboard, paper or weed mat, pop some decorative stones around the plant and bingo you are a garden guru.

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Aeonium arboretum

Do you feel the need to add structure and design to your garden? If so this is the plant for you. Aeonium arboretum is like a living sculpture, the longer you have it in your garden the better it gets. Needing little to no attention this gem of a succulent will delight with its unusual twisted stems and rosettes of bright green foliage. Then suddenly it will develop long flower spikes with hundreds of tiny yellow flowers.

The flowers also cut well and last for long periods indoors. Making ideal centrepieces for flower arranging. Or used singularly as statement pieces.


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